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About iMetaFilm

iMetaFilm is revolutionising the film digitisation industry with its groundbreaking take on discovering, preserving and distributing archive film.

Forging together invention and experience iMetaFilm has created unique technologies at a disruptive price point. iMetaFilm not only changes the way degrading or lost footage is reactivated, but allows for the film’s quality to be restored and so that films can be shared forever.

Our Team


Linda Howell

Linda comes from a background which spans over thirty years of business and project management across the public and private sectors, and brings a broad range of skills to address the challenges of working in a highly innovative environment. Flexibility is key to working in a fast growing entrepreneurial company, and Linda thrives on the broad range of exciting challenges that this presents.

Favourite film: Man on Fire


Michael Howell

Co Founder of iMetaFilm, Michael is the inventor and chief developer of the MetaScanner and MetaWeaver family, and has developed leading-edge, world-class solutions for the imaging industries for over thirty years. Michael was the chief architect and lead developer for Kodak’s Kodatel, Q-Lab, imagecare systems, and for the range of Windense systems which became the worldwide industry standard in the minilab and motion picture markets. Michael thrives on the delivery of high-quality, robust customer solutions into an international marketplace.

Michael has an Honours degree in Pure Maths, and has won three SMART awards for innovation.

Favourite film: Blade Runner


Paul G Neeson


Paul has a wealth of experience as a management consultant for both national and international businesses. Having served on over seventy boards, mostly as chairman, he is attracted to iMetaFilm for their innovative technology and commitment to excellence in the preservation of historical film using unique computational digitisation methods.

Favourite Film: Gladiator


Tom Craig


Tom is Chairman of Craig Corporate and sits on the board (as a non-executive or Chairman) of several companies. He has spent some time in industry before moving into management consultancy with PA. Tom joined iMetaFilm in June 2016 as a Director. He enjoys working with a highly innovative, dynamic team.

Favourite Film: Chariots of Fire

Development Executive

Lewis Howell

Development Executive:

Lewis Howell is a graduate in International Business and Modern Languages, specialising in entrepreneurship and has been working for iMetaFilm for the past 2 years. In 2015, Lewis won the Microsoft World Citizenship Competition for the UK for his new business start up which focused on emergency health-care. Lewis has brought his passion for internationalisation to iMetaFilm.

Favourite Film: The Departed

US Advisor

Robert Spies

Bob has over 30 years experience in motion picture and photo laboratory operations & technology. He brings extensive international & business development experience while being personally driven by excellence in customer support.

Favourite film: The Sting

Meta Scanner

Gordon Park

After graduating from the University of Aberdeen with an honours degree in History and Film, Gordon joined iMetaFilm in 2016 and is primarily responsible for the operation and maintenance of iMetaFilm’s family of digitisation equipment. Gordon also contributes to iMetaFilm’s approach to marketing and sales and has worked on projects such as the Havana Glasgow Film Festival and the Erskine Hospital Centenary Celebrations.

Favourite Film: Singin’ in the Rain

Meta Scanner

Holly Allan

After studying Film & English Literature at the University of Glasgow, Holly graduated with merit achieving a Master of Literary Arts. Working for iMetaFilm since 2016, she specialises in film handling and scanning, and helps with post-production restoration. She has worked on projects such as the Havana Glasgow Film Festival and The University of Edinburgh’s film archive.

Favourite Film: Heathers


David Wright & Andrew Wright

Photomec (London) Ltd is led by its directors, Andrew Wright & David Wright.

With seventy years’ experience in the motion picture film and automation engineering sector, from the design and manufacture of film processing machines, film re-winders and film viewers in more than 1400 installations worldwide, Photomec (London) Ltd is recognised throughout the world as the ‘state of the art’ in motion picture film handling engineering.

The BKSTS has awarded them a Fellowship for Research & Invention in Cinematographic Laboratory Disciplines. Photomec have also obtained a Charles Parkhouse award for a significant contribution to laboratory practices, particularly for the handling of modern film emulsions.

Favourite Film (David): War Horse
Favourite Film (Andrew): The Aviator